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Elkie and Doug's Borgo Di Tragliata Italian Destination Wedding


Arrival Day & Welcome Dinner


Wedding Day


Well, where do I even begin with this one?

The moment I met Elkie & Doug, I knew I had crossed paths with some pretty incredible people. After swapping many stories of each others lives, having so many belly laughs and some spine tingling moments of eerie similarities, I was hooked - these two are such beautiful souls, with such a beautiful story. Fast forward about 8 months, and I was on a plane, on my way to Europe for the first time, to capture the wedding of these two lovers at Borgo Di Tragliata in Italy. Yes, you read right, ITALY! I can’t quite put into words how incredible the feeling is knowing that a gorgeous couple are into you just as much as you’re into them and have decided to fly you to the other side of the world to their Italian destination wedding. It was all so surreal…

Elkie and Doug had family and friends from all over the world travel to their wedding. And I really mean ALL over the world! Doug is English but has called Australia home for many years now,. Elkie is Australian, but has South African heritage. So they had family and friends not only arriving from Australia, but also the UK, South Africa and America. There sure was a lot of global representation.

One of the best things about Elkie & Doug’s wedding was the fact that it stretched over 3 days. So there was plenty of time for everyone to be able to catch up and spend quality time together. And whilst the wedding itself had the most beautiful moments throughout, the welcome day will stay with me forever. Those of you who already know me know that I am a crier. I’m just slightly over emotional about almost everything. Those who have had me shoot their weddings might have even seen evidence of this, as it’s not uncommon to see me wiping the tears from my eyes throughout wedding days (have I told you I LOVE my “job”?). I can assure you, as the bus loads of guests stepped off the buses that arrived, the tears were free flowing behind the lens. There was family who hadn’t held each other for YEARS, friends who haven’t hugged each other in YEARS - so many tears, so much happiness. It was so raw, so emotional and so so real and I will never ever be able to forget it. When I look through these images, when I think about those moments, I still get shivers, and I thank my lucky stars that these two gorgeous humans crossed paths with me