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I work in an industry where there are some pretty amazingly talented and lovely humans who inspire me daily. I have been lucky enough to work alongside some of these inspiring creatives, others I have had the privilege of meeting and are just genuine and gorgeous humans, and then there are others that I am just really into what they do.

Here are some of my recommendations for the best-in-the-biz suppliers who you should go and contact now, right now!




Melross Farm


Terrara House Estate

Audley Dance Hall

Terrara Riverside Gardens

Bendooley Estate

Lilyvale B & B

Henrys Cronulla


Blossomlove Floral Styling

Aisle of Eden

The Marmalade Sky

Oh Flora Studio

Floral Pines Design Co


The Barefaced Bride

Karen Willis Holmes

White Meadow

Lover the label

Anna Campbell

Hope X Page

Grace Loves Lace

Rue de Seine


Jessie Cacchillo

hair stylists

Kayla Trisley

Amy Studio Stylist

Louise Richmond

Boho Hair & Makeup

Make Up Stylists

Makeup by Jaimee May

Amy Studio Stylist

Boho Hair & Makeup


Tillee Music

We Play Records

The Baker Boys


Sorelle Catering Sydney



All Things Sweet By Carissa

The Baker's Tin

The Cake Edit

Baked By Nini

It's Homebaked


Ashdown & Bee

Piccolo & Poppi

supplies & props

House of Party

Coloured Smoke Bombs

Poppies for Grace (Confetti)

Eco Confetti