Kristie Carrick
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About Kristie Carrick

I am Kristie Carrick. Confetti is my all time favourite thing, ever. I am all about fun and making people feel relaxed and at ease. I want nothing more than people being who they truly are, natural, baring all to me, this makes the best stories. I am a visual storyteller, thats what I’m good at.

I have been in the wedding photography game (officially) for almost two years. It was actually my New Years resolution for 2016. If I wanted people to let me in to their lives, I had to give in to my insecurities and doubts and get out there first. It was the most nerve racking, scariest thing I have ever done (and I've had 4 kids and moved to a non-english speaking country and back!).

I believe that jumping on the bed is fun, rain is only water, singing always sounds better when it's loud and stopping for the small things is the biggest thing. And, according to my little girl, sparkles make everything better.

You only get one go at life, don't make it boring. Be different. Be interesting. Life is beautiful.

Kristie Carrick